Crowd-sourced COL (T13)

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Crowd-sourced COL (T13)

Postby needbasedlaw » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:03 pm

Can we please share COL calculations?

In particular, I would love to see some COL calculations for Harvard, Chicago, Columbia, Penn, Michigan, Duke, and Georgetown.

Some schools seem to only provide 2016-2017 tuition (looking at you Michigan, unless I am missing something).

Some schools include no fees and others include lots (healthcare, rec fees, etc.). If a school didn't include health care (again... looking at you Michigan) I'd love to get the $ people put there and how they assigned it.

I'm also curious if people are looking at the different cities and finding the average rent of places they would want to live or if they are setting a baseline rent and then adjusting it based on the cost of living of the different locations.

I've seen many references to Michigan/Ann Arbor being cheaper than Duke/Durham but I am just not coming up with that and want to see where/if I'm going wrong.

Obviously, we all may have individual differences, but I feel that a lot of this information could just be pooled and shared (e.g. tuition, fees, avg. rate increases).

Also, when doing COA's I have some questions regarding how people are viewing loans (in particular with regard to individuals who may or may not end up being LRAP eligible) and how people are accounting for summers (both potential employment but also maybe additional living expenses and it being partially unknown).

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Re: Crowd-sourced COL (T13)

Postby KMart » Sat Apr 22, 2017 3:11 am

many people just use the calculator at law school transparency (or lsn, i honestly forget)


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Re: Crowd-sourced COL (T13)

Postby LikelyThrowaway » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:03 am

Michigan does post a COL. I have the pdf on my phone. You can pm me your email and I'll send it to you, or you can try googling it again because that's how I found it.

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