NYU ($), UVA ($), Duke ($), Texas ($$), or WashU ($$$)

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cannibal ox

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Re: NYU ($), UVA ($), Duke ($), Texas ($$), or WashU ($$$)

Postby cannibal ox » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:29 am

Take your Duke offer to UVA, and mention you have a strong desire to clerk. From what I know about UVA they try and get as many people to clerk as they can, and hearing that you want to use their resources and boost their clerk stats might influence them to at least match Duke. Otherwise yeah, not reason to go UVA over Duke.

All these figures are too high, especially for a 171 + URM, but that's just my own (moderately debt adverse) opinion. I don't know if you had a weird cycle, or if you applied late, or if this is just how admissions/scholarships are these days (I'm an out of touch 3L), but it seems like you should have better offers than these. You're barely even a splitter. I don't get it.


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Re: NYU ($), UVA ($), Duke ($), Texas ($$), or WashU ($$$)

Postby TLS_Dreamer » Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:56 am

cannibal ox wrote:Take your Duke offer to UVA...

All these figures are too high, especially for a 171 + URM

Thanks for your help!

I'll definitely take my Duke offer to UVA, good idea.

These scholarships are pretty consistent with others who have similar stats this cycle. I'm below the 25th GPA and above/at 75th LSAT for most t14 schools. At UVA 60% don't get any scholarship, so me getting anything is pretty rare. At Duke 15% dont get scholarship and I'm near the 75th percentile of those who do get it there. At NYU 60% don't get scholarship and I'm at the 50th percentile for those who do.

And I'm Mexican which maybe doesn't matter for UT?

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