Still can't decide :( Need more help!!

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Re: Still can't decide :( Need more help!!

Postby Future Ex-Engineer » Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:21 am

Po$eidon wrote:
jjcorvino wrote:
OneHandedEconomist wrote:Sit out a cycle, apply the day apps are open. You should be getting full rides to the lower t13.

This is the correct answer. You should have a great cycle next year if you apply day 1.

I doubt this completely. OP's GPA is a 2.9: I don't see a single full ride coming even if they retook again and got a 180. Also, schools do not like reapplicants usually. I can see waiting a year just because a bunch rejected without seeing the 172 but I don't think OP should expect big money or t6 acceptances. Low t14 w/little to no money is more likely

Yeah, so the bolded is patently false. At T14 ASWs this year I've had conversations with multiple admissions deans who have told me in no uncertain terms that reapplying next year even if I don't score higher on my retake will get me the same or better results (since I'd be applying earlier either way).

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