U Chicago (15k total) vs UVA (half) for BigFed

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U Chicago or UVA

U Chicago (15k)
UVA (half)
Total votes: 30

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Re: U Chicago (15k total) vs UVA (half) for BigFed

Postby A. Nony Mouse » Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:17 pm

Nebby wrote:
existentialcrisis wrote:I was under the impression that one of the most common ways to get a government gig was by lateralling from biglaw lit?

Either way. Uva is the right choice.

Not really. That's typically only the case if you want to be an AUSA in a competitive district (SDNY, NDCA, etc.)

It happens in other agencies too, like SEC, as long as there's some practice area that both biglaw and the feds work in.

WheninLaw wrote:Yeah, you are both probably right, although I think that unless the schools in question include Yale or Stanford, "getting a federal clerkship" should not be a large consideration. Both the possibility of attaining one and the placements between schools is just too slim.

Definitely agree with the bolded.

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