Cardozo ($$$$) vs Fordham ($$)

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Re: Cardozo ($$$$) vs Fordham ($$)

Postby baseballfan660 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:33 pm

potus wrote:
baseballfan660 wrote:
potus wrote:
Shakawkaw wrote:Are you including rent in your COA calculations? I also want to go the PI route, and am likely committing to Dozo for that reason.

Dozo has better placement in PI and small firm work. I don't think Fordham is worth how ever much debt for similar desired outcomes.

Sadly, but fortunately, my rent's all covered in NYC. That's pretty interesting; thanks so much for sharing this comparison. I like Cardozo as an option, but it's hard to pull myself away from retaking (in which I still would keep my job) and believing that I can score higher. However, my options would still very likely be Fordham vs. Cardozo even in the next cycle, unless I have a breakthrough bump for Columbia/NYU.

I'll have to make the decision by tomorrow's deposit deadline.

Are you doing May Entry? I don't think either school has a deposit deadline tomorrow otherwise.

Yep. It's May entry. I might need or want to negotiate with them to move the admissions to Fall and cite financial concerns. But I'll be happy to reapply next cycle if it does backfire. Perhaps that's the next step for me.

best of luck !

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