Renegotiating Financial Aid (Again)

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Renegotiating Financial Aid (Again)

Postby tkdlover » Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:01 pm

Hi guys I'm new here!

I want to renegotiate a scholarship from GMU for the second time, But I am unsure if this is generally frowned upon by schools. I received an offer from UC Davis for 35k per year, with 25 for scholarship, and 10 from grants (unconditional on rank or anything). This was far and away the most generous offer proportionally (61%). I am not going to CA at this point due to employment and other concerns. Mason renegotiated to 18K (44%). Davis, CA is considerably cheaper for housing, and utilities (44% and 20%) respectively.

Do I lose anything from reaching out to the school again? Also, the dean at GMU is calling me today; could/should I bring it up with him?

Thanks for your help!!

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