Loyola Chicago vs Kent vs Hastings vs USD vs GSU

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Loyola Chicago vs Kent vs Hastings vs USD vs GSU

Postby sparklepickle » Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:45 am

Born & raised in California, but am comfortable almost anywhere. Not interested in working in Big Law, but I would like to take employment into consideration. Goal is to be counsel w/ a corporation, so I'm not too picky in terms of what school firms hire most from. It'd be great to hear any input! Getting a lot of mixed advice on the situation.

Loyola Chicago: Guaranteed $32,000 per year
Kent: Guaranteed $10,000 first year + additional $30,000 per year
Hastings: $15,000 per year w/ 2.31 gpa requirement
USD: $25,000 per year w/ 2.81 gpa requirement
GSU: No financial package, but tuition isn't bad nor are living costs.

Also on waitlist for University of Georgia.


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Re: Loyola Chicago vs Kent vs Hastings vs USD vs GSU

Postby cavalier1138 » Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:18 am

Well, "counsel with a corporation" often requires biglaw experience if the corporation is a larger entity. If you're just talking about going in-house for a local business, then I imagine it's a better chance, but it's still not a standard route for a lot of people. Honestly, given your career goals, I'm guessing that you really are interested in biglaw, but you know that everyone will advise a retake if that's the case. So you just rephrased your goals as wanting to "take employment into consideration".

So given all that, Loyola is the only school on this list that you should be remotely considering, and you should only be considering it if you're comfortable working in a small-to-midsize firm in Chicago and/or local government. Even then, you're still looking at too much debt at Loyola to pay off with the salary you're likely to earn. None of the other schools should be considered, because of the stipends and/or because the scholarship offer isn't even close to high enough to justify attending.

You also should try and decide a little more clearly on a region. I get that you're comfortable anywhere, but remember that with schools in this tier, you need to be comfortable staying in a very specific area of the country for a long time.


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Re: Loyola Chicago vs Kent vs Hastings vs USD vs GSU

Postby GHH-t » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:00 am

If you get into UGA, it's no-brainer. Go there.

The rest are comparable to each other. So, you should think about where you want to live. GSU is very strong in Atlanta and Georgia, but not so much outside the state. Similarly, you're not going to find many Loyola grads outside of Chicago, USD out of San Diego, etc.

Finally, you should pay careful attention to your debt load. Depending on where you end up, each of those schools can you into big law, but you shouldn't count on ending up with a six figure salary otherwise. Plus, you may decide you want to go public sector and not much debt will open that opportunity.

Also, most in house lawyers start out at firms doing corporate work and then move in house after getting 4+ years. Some make partner and then get recruited by a client. So, look at your schools over-all placement numbers and choose accordingly.

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