Which NC Law School Saw The Biggest Drop In Enrollment? (the answer might surprise you)

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Which NC Law School Saw The Biggest Drop In Enrollment? (the answer might surprise you)

Postby jdcumlaude » Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:07 pm

Which NC Law School saw the biggest drop in enrollment?

Spoiler…it’s not Charlotte School of Law (I know right). CSL actually saw their matriculation rate increase from 309 (2015) to 343 (2016). What is even more interesting is the fact that all three of the LSAT percentiles increased. So they took in more students and actually improved their numbers. Also, based on their 509 it does not appear that there has been any great increase in scholarships (so they aren’t just bribing foolish young people). That being said this data was acquired and complied well before the news broke that CSL would no longer be able to access federal loans for students; yet they upped their enrollment by ~11% (Still a Failure Factory though).

Duke saw a very slight decrease, losing only four new students from 2015(225) to 2016 (222) nothing really to report here…Duke is Duke and a large majority of their graduates have no intention of staying in the NC market.

Wake forest saw a pretty big jump from 140 new students 2015 to 161 in 2016. This is impressive considering they sent out fewer (almost 250 fewer!) acceptance letters in 2016 than they had the previous year.

Elon only lost five new students comparing 2015 (133) to 2016 (128). With this slight decrease, there came an increase in LSAT performance as well as GPA. Although this was a slight decrease for Elon, it must be pointed out that the schools matriculation numbers have ping-ponged a bit over the last few years. For example, going from 130 in 2011 to double digits in 2012. Elon may be close to finding some happy balance. Although with employment numbers being what they are, “happy” may not be the best term to use.

North Carolina Central University School of Law lost a total of 16 students when comparing matriculation numbers from 2015 (199) to 2016 (183). However, most of this drop seems to be due to a reduction in matriculants to their part-time program. An 8% loss in enrollment with an increase in GPA averages, but a decrease in LSAT scores. This may indicate a switch in focus for NCCU, but this school is still the biggest bargain for a JD in the country, but job numbers still leave much to be desired.

UNC- School of Law lost ten students when comparing 2015 (224) to 2016 (214). This came with a reduced overall LSAT score, but much like NCCU an increase in overall GPA.

Finally, we come to the answer to our lead question. Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law lost 40 matriculants when comparing 2015 (162) to 2016 (122), in other words nearly 25% to their incoming class size. This loss, like a few of the other schools listed above, came with stagnant LSAT numbers and overall increases in GPA. However, the obvious difference is the disproportionate loss to the incoming class size. Additionally, the total number of students receiving grants/scholarships from the school has increased by 10% from 69.5% (2015) to 81.9% (2016). It seems that Campbell is paying out more money to fewer students to receive only a marginal benefit in the form of increased GPA number. Add to this the fact that Campbell sent out 30 fewer acceptance letters in 2016 (420), and it seems pretty apparent that Campbell feels they need to go the extra mile to pad their enrollment quality vs. their quantity. Fewer new lawyers is probably a net positive in NC, as it is still very glutted market, but with six other schools willing to pick up the slack (may only be five soon….crossing my fingers for a big empty building in Charlotte) I see no real net win here for Campbell.

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Re: Which NC Law School Saw The Biggest Drop In Enrollment? (the answer might surprise you)

Postby dm1683 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:19 am

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