LST Launches New Website!

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LST Launches New Website!

Postby jenesaislaw » Mon Oct 31, 2016 4:13 pm

Hi TLS --

Some exciting news from my team at Law School Transparency. Today, we unveiled a brand new website:

Here's the big picture:

1) Your account username (or email) and password are the same
2) Every part of the site received a makeover. The site is mobile-friendly now.
3) There's a lot more data than before, and it's better organized and easier to access.
4) We've added a premium subscription called LST Pro.

The last bit is what I'm most excited about. There are currently three parts to LST Pro:

1) The Ultimate LSAT Guide. We partnered with PowerScore Test Prep to create this web book. It's a great place for 0Ls to start.
2) Legal Career Compass. This will help you decide what types of practice and practice settings are a good match for your personality and strengths. The Right Profile built this system using the algorithms relied upon by many professional sports teams. For example, it's why Johnny Manziel dropped as far as he did in the draft. It's also why the Patriots chose Brady.
3) LST Wizard. This is the star of the show in my opinion. (I would say that -- it's my baby.) This takes your inputs and creates a ranking specific to your career ambitions. It also tells you your admissions chances, anticipated scholarship, and more.

In the very near future, we will announce a set of discounts to other services (consulting, test prep, 1L prep, etc). We're still negotiating for our users.

As a thank you to the TLS community -- we surveyed the a nice sized group a few months back -- we're offering a $10 off coupon with the code "TLS".

If you go to the LST Pro page ( you can see a demo of the Wizard report, demos of the Legal Career Compass, and a video about the compass -- using the company's old name. We'll have an updated video next week.

Happy to answer any questions. As always, any bugs you notice will be much appreciated!

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