Penn State Law Confusion

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Penn State Law Confusion

Postby mjt3 » Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:15 pm

Does anyone know the difference or any important distinctions between Penn State Law at University Park and Penn State - Dickinson Law? I've looked on their websites and don't really understand the differences. Does anyone know which is the "better" or more distinct law school? Thanks!

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Re: Penn State Law Confusion

Postby ml2srosie » Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:19 pm

Penn State Dickinson is in Carlisle, PA. School has been around for a long time and is fairly well-reputed in PA (except Philly). A decent number of PA state reps went there and the same can be said for a decent number of DAs, ADAs, etc (again, do not apply this to Philly). However, I think the school has faded a bit though I do know they cap their 1L class at 70 so it's a small atmosphere. I have also heard that Dickinson alumni are pretty loyal, which could help with hiring later on if you choose to stay in central or eastern PA. Carlisle itself is a suburb of Harrisburg. It has big box stores, chain restaurants, etc.

Penn State Univ Park is in State College. It is located on the campus of Penn State University. Their 1L class is fairly larger (110?) and the school itself is relatively new (est in 2005, approx). This location has the benefit of the resources of a large university and a thriving, albeit isolated college town. With both schools, you join a huge, well known alumni network (Penn State) but...I would not go to either school unless 1) free ride; 2) you have a job lined up post-grad ALREADY; or 3) you definitely plan to stay in PA (also knowing your chance at Philly and Pittsburgh, to some extent, is very limited).


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Re: Penn State Law Confusion

Postby joeyc328 » Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:02 am

One of them has, good happy hours, and a football team. The other is in the middle of nowhere.

Both should be attended at practically free unless you really want to be in the middle of PA, or have ties.

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Re: Penn State Law Confusion

Postby bmathers » Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:39 pm

I know that this thread is a few months old, but really just to reiterate it all:

Dickinson is the more reputable one. It's the 5th oldest LS in the country and oldest in PA. It was bought by PSU in the mid-90s. It's 15 min from the state capital, 90 miles from Bmore, 2 hrs from Philly, DC, and 3 from NYC.

Penn State Law is new and is in a horrible location for employment prospects/internships/LS in general.

PSU is trying to push Penn State Law hard over Dickinson, but that would be a mistake. Dickinson offers a full-ride to 40% of the school too, half-full to 68%. It has a cheap COL as well.

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