NYU ($) vs Penn ($$)

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Re: NYU ($) vs Penn ($$)

Postby gnomgnomuch » Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:56 am

Congrats on the options but NYU isn't worth that much more than Penn. The schools are more or less peers, sure NYU is a bit better, but Penn isn't a slouch by any measure of the word.

Assuming median at either places you at a market paying big-law gig. If you apply your 2L SA money, in part, toward loans, you'd probably be able to graduate Penn with something like 75-80k debt. Then, by living more or less frugally you'd be able to pay off your loans in 2-3 years, save up a nice amount of money and transition into something other than big-law, if at that point (like most people) you can't stand it.

NYU isn't a wrong choice, but Penn is the more correct one.

Best of luck =)

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