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Re: Iowa ($$), Tulane ($), LSU ($$$), Alabama (?) [$=scholly]

Postby justabitunusual » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:56 am

scottidsntknow wrote:I don't think you actually want to be a lawyer. Why don't you just do the peace corps or something?

Scotti...i actually looked into the peace corps a few years ago (most ppl w kids don't get to do this option), so you're def on the right track w my interests, but as far as the reason i was/am pursuing law is that I did so much research on Human trafficking for my honor's thesis in college and when i looked into the NGO's employment stuff they seemed to be looking for lawyers at the time (i obvs didn't take as much stock in the schools their staff went to as I prob should have).

Anyway, here in NOLA, a hub city for trafficking, there are a few organizations like the Eden House and others popping up to help victims- and the Tulane /GULC grad that runs Eden House in particular is working w the governor to write anti-trafficking laws /policies for LA, which I think is really awesome. She is also starting to teach like 1-2 courses at Tulane ab trafficking every 1-2 semesters, which is also cool.

So, realizing this is not necessarily an option for everyone, I'm just thinking ab it all and trying to see if I can still fit in somewhere in law school, and if so where and at what cost.

ETA: I guess the reason I had mentioned International in the first place is because Human Trafficking is an international trade, but really there is a lot to be done with it on the local level, so idk if that is still considered Human Rights territory or what, but that's another thing to think of if not.

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