UVA ($$) vs MICH ($$) vs WUSTL ($$) vs GULC ($)

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UVA ($$) vs MICH ($$) vs WUSTL ($$) vs GULC ($)

UVA ($$)
MICH ($$)
WUSTL ($$)
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GULC ($)
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Re: UVA ($$) vs MICH ($$) vs WUSTL ($$) vs GULC ($)

Postby thatsnotmyname » Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:41 pm

I have close to identical stats to OP and got very similar scholarship offers from UVA and Mich. I did get a full to WUSTL though. I do think people are overestimating how much better of a scholarship you could get from UVA and Mich if you were to sit out a cycle.

Looking at LSN it looks like the norm for people who are getting scholarships at UVA with your stats is $25k-30k/year. People who received larger offers all had 3.8+ GPAs for the most part.

http://uva.lawschoolnumbers.com/applica ... cholarship

Looking at the Mich dataset on LSN it isn't quite as definitive as the UVA data with some sort of hard cut-off in regards to GPA and scholarship offers. I can spot a few folks at Mich who had comparable numbers but received $40k/year instead of $30k/year but there are quite a few people with similar numbers who are receiving the $30k/year offer as well.

http://michigan.lawschoolnumbers.com/ap ... cholarship

I don't think OP really got lowballed by either UVA or Mich. It's pretty comparable to what people with similar numbers on LSN are reporting as their scholarship offers from those schools. I do think the scholarship offer that OP got from WUSTL is definitely very low for him. 170+/3.7+ are seeing at least $40K/year scholarship offers for the most part and a lot of full scholarship offers as well.

Based on my experience with Duke and the numbers that I looked up on LSN earlier this year on LSN, I don't think OP could expect more from there than what he got from UVA/Mich. Georgetown is known to be stingy. The places where OP could get significantly more money are Northwestern and Cornell. Especially Cornell. OP my advice would be to not sit out for a year (solely for the scholarship reason) unless you would take big money (120K-135K) from Cornell/Northwestern over the offers you received from UVA/Mich. If UVA/Mich aren't really all that high up on your list compared to Cornell/Northwestern, it may be worth it to sit out for the chance at bigger money. For me personally, it wouldn't have mattered b/c I definitely would have picked one of UVA/Mich at $25-30K per year over Cornell/NU at $40-$45k per year.

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Re: UVA ($$) vs MICH ($$) vs WUSTL ($$) vs GULC ($)

Postby Tiago Splitter » Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:52 pm

Agree with the above except for the last sentence. But you don't know if NU/Cornell will even offer bigger scholarships next cycle. I voted for Michigan unless UVA's tuition is cheaper.

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Re: UVA ($$) vs MICH ($$) vs WUSTL ($$) vs GULC ($)

Postby BiglawAssociate » Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:02 pm

Michigan - probably save yourself from an extra year or two of biglaw (because it sucks).

It's funny how 0Ls scramble to get biglaw, and once you're in it, you're scrambling to get out.

Not sure about the UVA hype - it employs like 20% of its class in school-funded fellowships and it's only placed a couple more percentage points into biglaw/clerkship than Michigan on average.

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