Villanova/Temple/Rutgers Advice??

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Re: Villanova/Temple/Rutgers Advice??

Postby NYGfan » Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:19 pm

Thank you all for weighing in on this thread...

I have decided to accept the full-ride at Villanova after visiting on Friday. I was very close to selecting Temple for the many reasons you all pointed out. However, after visiting, I knew it was the place for me -- mainly because their business law program is well established and clearly their main focus at the law school. Not to mention, the building and campus are quite impressive. Also, I believe they have a great alumni network for the private sector. When it came down to it, Temple's area (safety), lack of campus, COA, and only just instituting a formal business law program led me to choosing Villanova. However, if litigation was my desired career path, I definitely would have went to Temple.

Thanks again and best of luck.

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