Hamilton (Columbia) vs. AnBryce (NYU)

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Hamilton (Columbia) vs. AnBryce (NYU)

Postby ddlew » Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:51 am

First, I should say that I am in an incredibly lucky place. But assuming I receive the AnBryce scholarship (interview later this month), does anyone have any opinion on the better option? I'm not asking so much about Columbia vs. NYU, but rather about the benefits other than tuition such as scholarship prestige, network opportunities, mentorship programs, etc. The goal is Big Law for what it's worth.

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Re: Hamilton (Columbia) vs. AnBryce (NYU)

Postby jbagelboy » Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:43 am


"Scholarship prestige" isn't all that relevant. Hamilton signals you were smart and kept your debt low, and that you had a lot of options. AnBryce signals that you're smart, you didn't come from money and you had leadership roles in college. But neither name will make or break you or draw attention away from stuff like personality and grades. AnBryce probably has the more established mentoring structure but you'll have a dozen mentor opportunities at either school regardless. No perceivable impact on networking, which you'll do tons of at both schools.

It's close enough that you can choose which school you like better. I would hedge toward Columbia given your goals since it's the top feeder along with Harvard in the country to top NY firms and cost of living is cheaper uptown. You can land wherever you want in the class and you'll get a good job; this applies to NYU as well but the employment data, summer class sizes and common wisdom indicate at equal cost NYU is the mild bump for public interest work, CLS the mild bump for elite firms.


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Re: Hamilton (Columbia) vs. AnBryce (NYU)

Postby Max_Power » Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:18 pm

Congrats on having such phenomenal options!

Full disclosure: I'm in AnBryce, so I'm far from unbiased. That said, if your goal is biglaw, especially NY biglaw, you can't do better than the AB placement pipeline. Literally everyone that wants a firm job gets one.

Even though the scholarship money is the same for Hamilton/AB, AB students have a spending budget for food and cultural events. More importantly, most AB students are able to get 1L summer associate gigs, which adds about $25k to what 1Ls would usually make. Even though 1L SAs are extremely hard to get (about 7% of NYU 1Ls get one, most of them through diversity programs), 10 out of this year's 12 AB 1Ls will be working at NY biglaw firms. This year's firms include Kirkland, Paul Weiss, Davis Polk, S&C, Cravath, and Wachtell. Some of these firms don't hire 1Ls at all aside from AnBryce.

I agree that faculty mentorship is what you make of it. However, it's worth noting that the built-in AB network is phenomenal and always goes to bat for its students. The Dean knows all of us personally and we got to spend a weekend in the Hamptons with him and his family the first month of 1L. There are also a ton of networking opportunities where we got to have dinner with F500 general counsels, hedge fund managers, Justice Department people, and the like.

As I said though, I'm wholly biased on this. My only recommendation is that you do the interview process as well as the Columbia ASW and see which one resonates with you.

Good luck!

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Re: Hamilton (Columbia) vs. AnBryce (NYU)

Postby BiglawAssociate » Sat Mar 14, 2015 5:14 pm

Columbia, if you ever want to leave NYC. For biglaw in NYC hiring is probably pretty equal, but I think Columbia is still more prestigious both inside and outside of law fwiw.


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Re: Hamilton (Columbia) vs. AnBryce (NYU)

Postby 03152016 » Sat Mar 14, 2015 5:51 pm

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