T14 Quality of Life 2015

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Re: T14 Quality of Life 2015

Postby Eladriel » Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:27 am

zacharus85 wrote:Let me just put this one to rest guys - got the comprehensive lowdown that, I think, manages to offend everyone while getting not one single fact correct. I AM TLS MADE FLESH.

*Slow Clap*

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Re: T14 Quality of Life 2015

Postby BiglawAssociate » Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:27 pm

Emma. wrote:The quality of life at any school far far exceeds the quality of life you'll have when you graduate. :|

So true.

Law school is amazing fun. I did nothing and graduated magna from a T-14.

Working on the other hand....this is why I laugh at how over eager 0Ls and law students are to start their "careers in law." :lol:

I also hate the "but the money" argument - If you aren't born rich or married rich, you aren't going to get rich while practicing law. Just practice for 3 to 5 years to get to net worth zero!

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Re: T14 Quality of Life 2015

Postby ballcaps » Sun Mar 15, 2015 1:17 am

zacharus85 wrote:Let me just put this one to rest guys - got the comprehensive lowdown that, I think, manages to offend everyone while getting not one single fact correct. I AM TLS MADE FLESH.

Yale - Who would even go here. You have to deal with choosing federal clerkships, presitigious firm gigs, opportunities to actually change the world, academia, or just living off your trust fund. Who needs that stress? You won't be able to see the actual climate/living conditions beyond the haze of your lofty liberal ideas.

Harvard - Boston is essentially Antarctica invaded by angry Irishmen. Pass.

Stanford - It's amazing how safe and pretty you can make a town when you outlaw poor people or just hide them really well. Fantastic opportunities in the tech sector - make sure to study up on the 'law of shiny flashy bleep bloops,' kids!

Columbia - Fact: New York has a 100% per-capita murder rate. Everywhere. Columbia is the most prestigious university in New York at which to get decapitated and have your corpse violated. Also the city smells like dead prostitute in the summer.

Chicago - When it isn't cold and windy, it's inexplicably still Chicago. The buildings are too tall and their pizza is all wrong. It's not a contest to see how much sauce and cheese you can reasonably contain with crust, guys! You are not impressing anyone.

NYU - Still NYC AND you have to deal with those conservative self-important CLS jerks.

Penn - Killadelphia somehow has an even higher murder rate than NYC (they have to import victims at impressive levels), but the town smells like cheesesteaks and other fried things. This pretty much balances out. Also who even parks in the middle of the road on the divider,

Duke - The South! Genteel institutional racism and mint juleps, y'all! So humid and sitting just above a fully-loaded straight-up crazy South Carolina. No thanks.

UVA - Beautiful countryside scenery. But until you can distill picturesque landscapes into potent alcohol or something resembling a nightlife, count me out.

Berkeley - What doesn't smell like pot, smells instead like old patchouli. Best place to play my favorite guessing game: 'crazy, homeless, artist, or combination of the above?'

Michigan - Ann Arbor: I visited there once in July and it was too hot. Also got lost in UMich's library for a while. 0 out of 10 for man-eating libraries.

Northwestern - Still Chicago, see above. Also, there are many places that are more north and more west than you. Nice try.

Cornell - Ithaca is GORGES. Get it? Our best offerings are holes in the ground and our ability to make puns. Also, there is so much snow - you will at some point have to dig yourself out of your apartment using a perished roommate's femur.

GULC - See my above post: I think it's pretty clear that Georgetown is the best, except for all the reasons that is wildly untrue. DC - we elected a crack-smoking mayor/councilmember over and over again yet we claim we deserve some kind of voice in how we run our city.

love it


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Re: T14 Quality of Life 2015

Postby lawschoolftw » Sun Mar 15, 2015 1:18 am

Best way to preserve QOL-- don't practice law.

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Re: T14 Quality of Life 2015

Postby storpappa » Sun Mar 15, 2015 4:44 pm

Penn has Philly Cheesesteaks, the Italian Market, and plenty of public transportation options.

I would go to Penn and sit on an upside down trashcan in the back of my classes, writing on a napkin with stolen bowling alley pencils, eat out of the roach coaches parked outside, and be happy for 3 years, but hey thats just me.

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