UTK, WUSTL, Vandy, Emory, etc.

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Re: UTK, WUSTL, Vandy, Emory, etc.

Postby Aftermath » Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:09 pm

romothesavior wrote:
deadpanic wrote:I practice in TN. I can tell you that from UT, a handful of students will get the "good" firm jobs (this would encompass big law, and the couple of firms in TN you could consider mid law). That is literally going to be about 10 students of your class. The rest, if lucky, will get small firm or local gov't making 40-50k.

That being said, I do think UT is the way to go for free if you want to work in TN. Just be okay with working in a small shop doing divorces for 40ishk/year, because that is a good possibility if you are not in the top of the class.

Don't be suckered to go to Alabama or Iowa or another random flagship if you want to work in Tennessee.

OP, this is great advice.

If you want to work in Tennessee, go to UTK for free. If you want a mid-sized firm, go elsewhere. If you want a decent sized firm in Knoxville, well... Outlook not good. Not because it's not a solid regional school, but because its a tiny market.

You need to think about what is most important to you: staying in TN or sizeable firm work. Your goals will greatly impact your law school decision. I think UTK with that scholly and the stipend is your best bet.

Awesome advice. Thanks! I'm definitely leaning hard towards UTK now. If I graduate top of my class and come out with one of those top jobs, that's great. If not, I'm okay with a smaller firm and advancement opportunities too.

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