SMU vs Baylor vs U of H

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Re: SMU vs Baylor vs U of H

Postby BearLaw » Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:05 pm

Winston1984 wrote:
downinDtown wrote:
BigZuck wrote:Start here and then read more threads about Baylor: ... 1&t=224879"
If you still want to go based on their sales pitch then good luck
What's worse: starting at Baylor 1L year (in such a competitive environment); slaving all through Practice Court for your whole 3L year; or trying to find a decent job after you graduate from Baylor?

I was at a NBA game the other night with some coworkers. Guy and lady sit down next to us. The lady is wearing a Baylor shirt (umm lady, this isn't a college game). I say something about the Baylor football team and she's like, "Oh, I just went there for law school so I didn't really follow football much." Found out she just graduated last year. It's pretty loud, but I didn't want her date to think I was trying to swoop in (to her credit, she was pretty good-looking), so I introduce myself to her date. He seems like a pretty cool dude, but he's one of those super-fans so he seemed pretty into the game. Baylor Grad starts chatting to me about her time in school and how much it sucked and how she couldn't even find a legal job and how she's still looking for work. She wishes she read up more about how hard it was during school and how hard it'd be to find a job, especially when there are so few opportunities with large firms and not that much time to look for jobs during 3L year.

Anyway, she gets up to go to the bathroom during a quarter break, so I lean over and start talking to the guy. I ask how long they've been together. He laughs. "I just met her on Tinder actually. This is our second date. Not a bad find, huh?" I nod in agreement and we laugh. I find out he works in private equity and, from the sound of it, does pretty well. Girl comes back, and not too much later the guy dismisses himself and I see her get out her phone, pull up Tinder and swipe a couple rights and lefts, and then look back to make sure the guy is not coming back yet. I see her texting (maybe to some of her matches), but I just laugh inside. Girl sure knows how to multitask. She tries to chitchat a couple times, but I don't want to get caught up in her web of deception so we don't really have much more of a conversation.

Moral of the story: If you go to Baylor and end up unemployed, swipe right until you find someone rich (or dumb) enough to pay off your student loans.

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Despite that story, OP, do not go to Baylor. I say that as someone with a Baylor undergrad degree, the law school is not worth it unless you want to litigate in small law firms in Waco/east Texas. Even then, the experience will be awful.


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Re: SMU vs Baylor vs U of H

Postby CanadianWolf » Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:16 pm

UHouston .

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