Harvard v. Ruby at Chicago

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Re: Harvard v. Ruby at Chicago

Postby Emma. » Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:11 pm

jbagelboy wrote:
chinadoll wrote:
Gryffindor wrote:I am completely aware there was a similar topic started the other day on the topic, but it mainly focused on Yale v Ruby and ignored Harvard- Since I have not been so fortunate as to get into Yale- I would like to start a new topic mainly focusing on Harvard v Ruby and the advantages/disadvantages.

My goals: Im very interested in working in the government in some capacity - DOJ, FBI, CIA, or DOS- and so far from my research I have been highly disappointed in Chicago's lack of resources for that type of work. Harvard on the other hand has some fantastic clinics and externships and classes revolving around this area of law. But, of course the debt-free life of Chicago is still appealing and what is keeping it in the game... I just feel like I need confirmation that Chicago can get me the types of jobs I want in DC. and won't put me too far behind the HYS students....

just this year, people at harvard seem to do much better than people at t6's; some of us are still looking for jobs, even government jobs. but that free money should help if you end up in our situation or decide law is not for you.

seriously, with employment what it is, not paying for law school is the only good reason left to go to law school.

"Much better" at H in what sense? Chicago can cite equally strong 2L OCI numbers and nearly as strong in clerkship. People at Harvard strike out just as some at Chicago will. If you mean "much better" in SCOTUS & a few prized fed positions, maybe within a very restricted group of the class (very top) but overall, how is this supported?

I'm guessing that person doesn't go to Chicago.

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