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Re: Patent law at JMLS-Chicago

Postby midwest17 » Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:20 pm

stargre6811 wrote:Thanks all for the cautioning. I realize it will not be worth it at all were it not for the scholarship. The statistics certainly shows a low retention rate as well. However, JMLS sent a FAQ which contains the following information:

2. What is the likelihood that I will retain my scholarship?
You must remain in the top third of the class after each academic year to retain your scholarship. The overall retention rate for scholarships is about 50%, but that varies dramatically depending on the size of the scholarship. Students with scholarships at your level have been retaining them at the rate of 85-90%. Your odds of retaining the scholarship are really good!

4. Will I be competing with all of the other high scholarship awardees in my section?
Absolutely not! We divide our day students into four divisions, and we “sprinkle” each section with an even number of high scholarship awardees such as yourself. We aim to get a true bell curve of LSAT scores and UGPAs in each section.

Do you think this is trustworthy? If it is, my major concern will be how does my part-time status hurt/help me in retaining the scholarship.

jumpingjack wrote:

About half of JMLS Chicago students with schollies lose them or have them reduced.

I wouldn't trust this. "Students with scholarships at your level" is extremely vague, and they could have defined "your level" narrowly or widely enough to maximize the apparent retention rate.

Also, they only deny section stacking with day students, not PT students.

And yes, you'll probably be at a disadvantage on grades with PT vs full-time students.

Plus, everyone that's saying they would avoid JMLS even with a full scholarship is right.

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