Pepperdine Student Climate-- lgbt friendly?

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Mr. Jones

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Re: Pepperdine Student Climate-- lgbt friendly?

Postby Mr. Jones » Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:15 am

Yes, all of it is wrong. Reach OUT was denied, true. I may be mistaken and completely misheard my classmates (or they lied), but they were part of a LGBT club, possibly unofficially, at the school with no consequences. All were open about it.

The anecdote part is exactly that, an anecdote. It was meant to demonstrate that at least some if not most of the faculty are supportive or impartial. I put it there because not everyone on this forum has been to Pepperdine, so there could be mis-information that the faculty care.

You are dead right on the last part though. I don't agree with the school's pre-marital sex policy but I also don't agree with the 45mph speed limit on the Pacific Coast Highway going there. If you live there and break the rules, just like if you speed, the consequences are your fault. The easy solution is to live off campus. On campus housing is expensive and crumby anyways.

Saying "is there anything else you need to know about its [gradates]" is a pretty broad generality. There are 200 graduates per year. There will be a lot of different viewpoints and lifestyles.

knicker wrote:
Mr. Jones wrote:OP, you will be fine at Pepperdine. There were LGBT students when I was there that started a club for it. They were well-received. The student body may be slightly, if at all, more conservative than the average law school; however, there is a healthy mix of religions and political views. You will find that a substantial proportion of the professors are actually fairly liberal.

As an anecdote, during my final semester there I heard a professor telling a LGBT student how happy he was to see that they started a LGBT club on campus so they could try show that the law school is accepting.

Re the sexual relations clauses in the rules, I have never heard of them being enforced outside of on Campus living. If you live on Campus, you failed to do your due diligence to realize its a terrible terrible idea and that's the result you got. Otherwise, Pepperdine is like other law schools, lots of high-school like drama but with more sex, stress, and drinking involved.

All of this is wrong.

1) This lgbt club? The one that the admin refused to recognize?

2) "Prof said he was happy about an LGBT club" = "some of my best friends are black people."

3) There is a RULE AGAINST BEING GAY. OP, do not bank on the admin not enforcing that rule as long as you are sufficiently discrete. See DADT for more info..

4) The bolded statement above is a quote from a Pepperdine alum explaining that getting kicked out for having inappropriate sexual conduct is the student's fault, as opposed to the university's. Is there anything else you need to know about the school or its graduates?


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Re: Pepperdine Student Climate-- lgbt friendly?

Postby whjohnso444 » Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:09 am

I went to pepperdine. EVERYONE is gay there. 4 of my 6 suite mates were gay. It's like where all the repressed gay texans go to school. I had at least 10 gay friends. No one really cares. It's like pepperdines best kept secret. Gay haven. Period.

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