Canadian law schools and american bar exam

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Canadian law schools and american bar exam

Postby itachiuchiha » Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:24 pm

I was looking into some Canadian law schools such as university of Toronto, Osgoode Hall @ York University, and McGill. A question that came up in my mind was: would a person be eligible to take the Bar in any state with a degree from these universities?



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Re: Canadian law schools and american bar exam

Postby RoaringMice » Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:38 pm

Most US states do not allow foreign-educated attorneys to sit their bar exams with, as I understand it, the exception of graduates of LSAC member law schools in Canada. For example, this from Massachusetts:

Canadian Law Schools:
Graduates of common law studies at Canadian law schools that are members of the Law
School Admissions Council shall be permitted to sit for the general bar examination or
apply for admission on motion on the same basis as graduates of law schools approved by
the American Bar Association. A list of such law schools appears below:

Dalhousie University University of Ottawa
McGill University University of Saskatchewan
Queen’s University University of Toronto
University of Alberta University of Victoria
University of British Columbia University of Western Ontario
University of Calgary University of Windsor Faculty of Law
University of Manitoba York University- Osgoode Hall Law School
University of New Brunswick

That is from the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners, Rule VI. Foreign Law School Graduates

This may vary from state to state. I'd want you to check the rules for each state you're interested in practicing in. For example, I know that NY State lets foreign-educated attorneys who meet certain conditions sit the bar, as does Texas and I believe California.


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Re: Canadian law schools and american bar exam

Postby serdog » Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:03 am

this may be helpful
New York recognizes Canadian degree as equal in time and content allow a canadate to write the Bar, it also appears that a first call help with a few other state(or being called in a Canadain province and working for a few years), not that some state will not allow anyone who does not have a us JD to write the bar even if you been working in the US 20 years
this chart is somewhat helpful

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