ABA Changes could affect USNWR ranking metric

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Re: ABA Changes could affect USNWR ranking metric

Postby Ti Malice » Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:28 pm

Monochromatic Oeuvre wrote:
Ti Malice wrote:If this happens, then it's time for Asha to dump the holistic-focus crap and push the LSAT median up to 175. :lol:

Serious question: Does Yale actually care about being USNWR #1? Would they have to deal with shit from alumni if they lost it? Or would they be as DGAF about their medians as Stanford is?

Also, Yale has the distinct advantage of not having to worry about Harvard's medians because they could easily screw up Harvard's 173 by just not leaving any more of those "godly numbers" candidates out in the cold to get scooped up by Harvard.

Ha. I have no idea, really. I'd like to think the powers that be don't feel the school needs validation from that worthless publication, but I'm sure it would privately bother a fair number of people. No doubt at least a few of the alumni would express displeasure and concern. (Some of these people couldn't lose a game of pool without it ruining their day.) I don't know if the school would in fact ignore the rankings, or if they would pretend to ignore the rankings while taking the medians up the necessary amount, which would be very easy.

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