SMU vs. Baylor (Again)

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Re: SMU vs. Baylor (Again)

Postby TheJanitor6203 » Mon Jun 10, 2013 7:21 pm

And as far as the bump for military goes, I'm definitely hoping for one but not counting on one.

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Re: SMU vs. Baylor (Again)

Postby downinDtown » Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:20 pm

TheJanitor6203 wrote:I know this has been asked but I'm asking again but differently..

Before I start, please save all your "Neither, retake" answers because I know I don't have a shot at a 170+. I am also not concerned with the cost because I am an Army veteran and I will be using the GI Bill. I am familiar with Dallas and Waco and I don't mind living in Waco for 3 years so you can save the "Waco sucks" argument as well.

I have been planning to go to SMU for a while but I have recently started to think more seriously about Baylor for a few reasons.

1. The timing is right- when I get out of the Army I can start at Baylor in the spring but with SMU I'll have to wait 6 months to start school. Because of that wait and the fact that I can do one summer term at Baylor I can effectively graduate one year sooner by going to Baylor.
2. The COL in Waco is so much cheaper, the money I have saved up will go much further.
3. I want to do business litigation and Baylor's program (while it does seem very rigorous) sounds like it would prepare me much better to practice. I’d like to get into big law but I know the chances of that from either school are slim.

In the end I want to practice in Dallas and that is really the only thing holding me up on my decision. I really think that Baylor is the better school but I understand that when it comes time to get a job in Dallas, most employers won’t agree with me on that. I guess what I’m looking for is an unbiased opinion on the pros and cons of going to either school and for people to point out anything that I may have overlooked. My numbers: 159/3.4

For others choosing between SMU and Baylor, read this about Baylor first: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=224879


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Re: SMU vs. Baylor (Again)

Postby leib10 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:52 pm

It sounds like SMU is the much better option between the two. I'd rather go to Texas Tech than Baylor (and I am) if I wanted to work in Dallas. That's where most of its graduates are placed. After careful analysis, Baylor seems overpriced for the narrowly tailored education for litigation, negative ("miserable" is the word I kept hearing) experience, and so-so employment prospects.

Not only is SMU a better school, it is located in Dallas, which could lead to many more connections being more easily formed.

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