Cardozo v. Loyola

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Re: Cardozo v. Loyola

Postby Meepo » Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:24 pm

with all that said OP, if you have other options, then pursue these other ones (retakes, reapply, stick with current job etc.), but if it comes down to cardozo v. loyola, go with cardozo, loyola is just terrible

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Re: Cardozo v. Loyola

Postby romothesavior » Mon Apr 29, 2013 3:49 pm

well.let's.see wrote:Fair question.

I feel I underperformed based on my PTs. But test day is different. Just because I was 7-9 points better on PTs doesn't necessarily mean I am on the day of the test. It's hard to say. Here's what happened:
I was -4 after three sections at break (RC: -3, LR: -1, LG: exp).
But then I walked out -19...
I hit a wall on the 4th section (LG: -8) and don't remember taking the 5th (LR: -7).
I'm just trying to be honest with myself about how much better I can realistically anticipate doing. I truly was prepared, and confident, my performance at break showed it. But I hit a brick wall on the 4th section and couldn't keep my focus on the 5th. That's ultimately why I am reluctant to retake. I studied hard and I was prepared, and I truly believed I was going to have a top 3-5% score. But I didn't. I won't be better prepared. I won't be more confident. I'll just be hoping to keep a level head...and there's no LSAT study guide/program/routine that can prepare me for that...

I am reluctant to post this, people will surely mock this thought without restraint. But it's true, and honest. For whatever it's worth...

Nothing to mock here at all. Your performance is very, very common, and it is something that can be overcome. You also seem to struggle more on logic games, which is actually a great thing. They're by far the most learnable section and people on TLS have had great success in going from -8 or -10 to missing none or only 1-2. It's also possible you just froze on the back half of the LSAT, which happens to people too. If its endurance and focus that you're struggling with, those can be improved as well.

I would really hate to see you go to Cardozo or Loyola. You have a great GPA, and you very clearly are capable of doing well on the LSAT. If you give it another go and study and work on these things, you can absolutely get a high 160s or 170s LSAT score. You are a T14-worthy candidate. Don't throw your financial future down the tubes by dropping six figures on mediocre job prospects.

Look at some of these success stories. They should be very encouraging to someone in your situation:

You can do this. Don't sell yourself short.

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Re: Cardozo v. Loyola

Postby NoodleyOne » Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:14 pm

well.let's.see wrote:
I think that's kind of like asking me "if you can't hit a slider, how do you expect to hit a curve?"

It's more like saying "if you can't hit in slow pitch soft ball, what makes you think you'd be able to hit a Randy Johnson fastball?"

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