Life Decision...need some help on this one

(Rankings, Profiles, Tuition, Student Life, . . . )

What should I do?

UVA ($59-$80k debt)
Chicago ($78k-$105k debt)
Duke/NU ($38k-$63k debt)
Columbia ($130-$165k debt)
Stay at current job and forget law school
Total votes: 85

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Re: Life Decision...need some help on this one

Postby untar614 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:09 am

firstimer wrote:
Doorkeeper wrote:Duke/NU, UVA, and Chicago are all defensible here.

I would go Chicago for the better AIII + biglaw chances, but I would totally understand it if you want the lower debt figure.

Have you visited all of the campuses? Any preferences?

Preferred UVA's campus pretty strongly, then Duke's, and then Chicago's. Looking at the stats, I'm not even sure why Duke is ranked so below UVA - it seems to outperform or perform in line with UVA on almost every employment metric.

Does "campus" include the overall environment of the school? If so, then I'd go with UVA for you.

For myself, I'd pick Chicago of these choices, but I'm also looking at NYC/Chicago (or maybe Houston) biglaw, and I think that's what most people here are shooting for. UVA seems like it'd be good for DC PI, which seems to be your ideal. I'd check into their LRAP as I'm not familiar with it.

But as has been said here, these are all good choices, and whatever you pick wouldn't really be a bad choice.

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