NYU $100K or Columbia $75K ???

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NYU $100K or Columbia $75K ???

NYU $100K ($120 with PI summer internship)
Columbia $75K
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Re: NYU $100K or Columbia $75K ???

Postby jbagelboy » Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:53 pm

otnemem wrote:I was only looking at one-bedroom couples housing, but I was shocked to find Columbia to be around $1k a month cheaper than NYU ($1300 v. $2300).

this is true. most NYU 1L's that live on campus live in dorms sharing facilities with strangers since the 1 bedrooms are prohibitively priced, and 2L/3L year most move away from the village area anyway. Columbia has some excellent options for significantly cheaper. That said, CLS 1 bedrooms range up to $2,800+ in lionsgate too.

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