Suffolk, UMiami, Catholic, or Syracuse

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Re: Suffolk, UMiami, Catholic, or Syracuse

Postby bananapeanutbutter » Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:03 pm

This is not a shitty attitude. This is a service based profession. It's not basketball. It's not acting. Heart isn't worth very much. Your clients don't care what your heart is. They care about how you can serve their interests.

Going to schools where not even 10% of the class will service their debt on a dream is a very poor decision. It's like the book call to the wild by jack london where the hero says 1 in 10 make it out of alaska alive, and i will be that 1 in 10. Now, imagine for a second that this hero could have taken certain precautions to say make his odds 6 or 7 in 10. would he still be the hero he is if he said but i need to go right now so 1 in 10 is fine, because i have a dream? no, he'd be the idiot in the story and there'd be another hero.

Having a dream isn't just dreaming, dreaming and then going to riches. In Rocky, we have the training sequence. In basketball even, LeBron will say it's about the practice leading up to the game.

My point is if it was really a dream than a sense of entitlement, OP would take it upon themselves to really study for the LSAT, get a 170 and go to a quality school that gives them a realistic shot. Having a dream seems to just be an excuse for poor decisions.

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Re: Suffolk, UMiami, Catholic, or Syracuse

Postby reasonable_man » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:06 pm

NoodleyOne wrote:
romothesavior wrote:
jayman12 wrote:
NoodleyOne wrote:Why create an account at top law schools asking about shitty law schools?

It must be so hard for you to even read threads like this, that you gotta go putting people down on the internet. Seriously go out, get some fresh air, socialize, and worry about yourself

I'll +1 this one actually. Noodley if you're not going to even pretend to be helpful then get out of the Choosing forums. TLS has helped deter countless people from terrible decisions, and its in threads like these that I think TLS does the most good. I don't mind bluntness, but chiming in just to play asshole distracts from good advice and turns people off from listening to the advice they desperately need. Knock it off.

OP, you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice going to these schools. Retake or don't go.

Shitty attitude is better than the "follow your dreams" fuckers that come in here.

Edit: At the same time, fair enough. Encouraging people to not make terrible decisions is a good cause, and one that TLS does well. It just boggles my mind the lack of research people do and the special snowflake syndrome many have to justify their bad decisions. So I'll ease up.

OP, don't go to any of these schools.

Wow. Five years really changes things. I remember when I first started posting on here when everyone would get all bent out of shape because I was trying to spread the word of caution about where to attend law school. Now, the only debate is the best way to disseminate the message. I feel sort of irrelevant.

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