UCLA (fo' free) vs. NU (not fo' free)

(Rankings, Profiles, Tuition, Student Life, . . . )

Pick one. Or two, even.

UCLA ($32k COA)
NU ($146k COA)
Retake and reapply next cycle
Total votes: 53


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Re: UCLA (fo' free) vs. NU (not fo' free)

Postby dissonance1848 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 3:34 am

OP is getting totally fucked here..... Write the LOCIs, if that doesn't work, reapply next cycle....

You should not be going to law school unless its either Yale or Stanford with some need-based aid, or a Hamilton at CLS or Ruby at Chicago, seriously..... I feel for you OP, this cycle is giving you some real bullshit.

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Re: UCLA (fo' free) vs. NU (not fo' free)

Postby untar614 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:24 am

Ask NW if they could up you to the 150k. If they say no, ask if deferring for a year would get them to do so. If still no, well... that's a tough call. It's not a matter of retaking the LSAT, so I don't know what could be changed significantly if, as you've said, your PS and resume were looked over by many people. It may just be bad luck, but it's hard to say.

I voted for NW just because, unless you really wanted SoCal, it'd be a huge waste of your credentials for you to go outside the T14. But you really should have better options within the T14. Wish there was something I could point to to fix that.
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Re: UCLA (fo' free) vs. NU (not fo' free)

Postby rickgrimes69 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:32 am

Late to the party, but I agree with everyone else. Somethin' ain't right here. Your numbers by themselves should get you into any school you want, and with strong softs and W/E on top of it, I don't see how you aren't going HYS / T14 $$$$. You're getting dealt a raw hand here Trip, and regardless of whether if it's because of human error or just general adcomm weirdness, I think it's worth your time to ride the waitlists and maybe try again next cycle. Don't settle and sell all the hard work you put in short.

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