UVA (full tuition) v. Chicago (90k)

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Re: UVA (full tuition) v. Chicago (90k)

Postby unc0mm0n1 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:03 pm

rickgrimes69 wrote:
Bronck wrote:
rickgrimes69 wrote:$90k at Chicago is a proverbial drop in the bucket - you're still looking at roughly $180k in total COA. Go UVA unless you have lofty goals (AIII Clerkship / Academia / etc) and are prepared to hit up Biglaw for 3-5 years.

I'm not at Chi, but this doesn't sound right. I received $62.5k from CLS and I'm looking at around $165-170k debt at graduation (assuming a 2L SA). The CoL estimates schools provide are generally going to be very inaccurate unless you don't know how to be frugal or budget.

I'd imagine, assuming a 2L SA, the CoA would be closer to ~$140 at Chi. Nevertheless, I take your point. Graduating from UVA with $40-50k debt instead provides far more flexibility.

I took the numbers straight from LST; too lazy to do the math myself. If you want to crunch the numbers, be my guest, but the difference is nevertheless substantial. Keep in mind that figure includes expected tuition increases and interest.

Emma. wrote:It's kinda disingenuous to count the full COA for Chicago but then treat the full ride at UVA as being all expenses paid.

Not treating it as all expenses paid, I'm treating COL as negligible. Charlottesville is an order of magnitude cheaper than Chicago. My point was that Chicago will put OP into Biglaw level debt, UVa won't.

It depends where you want to live and how you want to live. As a person born and raised on the southside of Chicago. I could easily get by on 10k/per 9 months add a couple of grand for book and supplies you're talking 12k a year. Tuition and fees for three years is like 165k (including projected increases). So I'd say your total should be in the 200 range not including interest on loans. If you minus the 90k you're down to 110. If you pay 10k down from your second summer you're down to 100. I was in this situation I'd be mad at my self if I graduated with more than 120k in debt.

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