IU (sticker) v. SIU ($$$)

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Re: IU (sticker) v. SIU ($$$)

Postby danquayle » Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:47 pm

Steve2207 wrote:
rickgrimes69 wrote:
Steve2207 wrote:
worldtraveler wrote:Retake and try and get a full ride to at least one. That is too much debt for either school.

Just wanted to say that IU recently offered a scholarship of $22,500. In case, that changes anyone’s opinion.

That said, I think I have ALMOST decided on SIU. I plan to retake in June and hope to get a good enough bump to get a free ride. IMO, neither school is truly that bad of an option for what I want, and where I want to practice.

You can believe whatever you want. But SIU will simply not travel back to Indiana. Sorry, but that's the truth. Have fun living in Illinois.

I disagree, there are two SIU grads that I know personally who are in private practice in my city. There is also a John Marshall grad that is VERY successful in my area. But, even if you were right, I think I would be comfortable practicing/living in IL, like I pointed out in my earlier post.

Anecdotal arguments are the worst kind of arguments, especially when you're talking law school. Top 5% at pretty much any school will get you a good job, that doesn't mean that any school will likely get you a good job or that you should ignore the 95%.

Indiana is dominated by IU-Indy and IU-Bloomington. The reality is firms hire where they have hired and where they went to school. If you simply want to hang out a shingle, then really any school is good enough. Just go somewhere cheap.


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Re: IU (sticker) v. SIU ($$$)

Postby Younks » Wed Jul 17, 2013 5:03 am

Not sure if it was stated yet, but SIU's undergrad program charges in-state tuition to neighboring states (Missouri, Kentucky, and I think Indiana but I'd have to double check) for undergrad - assuming you're from Indiana, would they be charging you the adjusted rate, should it exist?

Did they mention anything about that?

And go SIU (I'm going there and it's a beautiful campus with less debt. Pave your own way, man).

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Re: IU (sticker) v. SIU ($$$)

Postby TheSpanishMain » Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:23 am

Did you already use most of your GI Bill? Why is only the first year covered?

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