% in BigLaw vs. Competitiveness?

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Re: % in BigLaw vs. Competitiveness?

Postby JamesDean1955 » Wed Feb 13, 2013 7:33 pm

This thread went downhill fast. TLS should have a separate forum just to move moronic debates to, and these should not show up on the latest posts page. Just sayin'.

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Re: % in BigLaw vs. Competitiveness?

Postby Lord Randolph McDuff » Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:26 pm

john7234797 wrote:
uvabro wrote:wait so are you really saying that if you took a median harvard student, and put them in cooley they'd still be median? did you see the valedictorian? i agree that schools like BU vs. Harvard won't matter because it's 2 questions. But there is a legitimate IQ difference between 175 and 145... a pretty substantial one. Everyone in the top 20s has pretty much the same IQ. What ya'll are arguing is that if you put a Harvard student in a law school with a class of students with profoundly mentally-retarded people who can't read english odds are they'd be median, and that seems not that likely.

Sure, if you wanna compare Harvard to Cooley I'm sure it'll be different. But that's not really relevant. Someone who gets into Harvard should never go to Cooley under any circumstance. The question is relevant for people who are debating between T14 and lower ranked T1 schools. In that case, the average intelligence difference between students is probably negligible enough to not rely on finishing top 10 % at the T1.

True, but there is a difference in work ethic and ambition. T1 student with lots of T14/T20 buddies.

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