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Re: UVA vs. Berkeley

Postby dixon02 » Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:50 pm

remainsofthebay wrote:I guess I should also mention I got into UPenn, and they said I'm nominated for a scholarship that would cover full tuition the first year and half tuition the second year, and nothing the third year. I can't say Upenn's really on my radar, but that also just seems like a really strange way to structure a scholarship. Aren't they just asking those students to transfer? Anyway, thanks for all the help guys. Even the URM bitching is entertaining as always (i'm not URM by the wya)

Yeah forget that. No way I'd take a 1/2 scholarship at Penn over a full one at UVA/Berkeley. Did you push them for more? If you got them to match UVA, that would be worth it.

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