Brooklyn$$ vs. Hofstra$$$

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Brooklyn$$ vs. Hofstra$$$

Postby jm077428 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:47 pm

Hi all, I was given a full scholarship to Hofstra with the normal top 40% and $40,000 to Brooklyn with the new top 80% stip. I was also accepted to Fordham but at sticker and since I have little to no interest in BigLaw I don't think that's a great option, even though it would have been my first choice. I am greatly interested in getting back into politics in the future and currently live in Long Island, just to give some background. I know a few people that go/went to Hofstra and would help with outlines but idk how much of a difference that makes if any. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Brooklyn$$ vs. Hofstra$$$

Postby 2012JayDee » Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:12 pm

For clairification:
You have to stay in the top 40% to keep your scholly at H and stay in the top 80% to keep your scholly at B?

If this is the case I would say ignore any instinct to think that because Brooklyn is a higher ranked school that you are likely to be int he top 40% at H. There is never a guarantee of doing well at any school. There are obviously some metrics that could help but there are a lot of oustanding and intangible factors that lead to success in the first year.

Brooklyn law does a really good job of advertising it's name, faculty, and students in the NYC market. They spend a lot of money getting their name out there and it really works. Also many public interest, clerkship, and government jobs are laden with BK students. It might be the amount of effort from their career services or networking or a combination thereof, but it works. Career prospects are not that much better than any other school in that range in the NYC area, but I would say the students at least have great opportunity to get jobs. I can honestly say that being in the NYC metro I've heard of Hoftra, generally, but not even nearly close to the level that I hear about BK. The Hoftras students that I knew had the same general complaints of any other law school (lack of resources, poor career services, poor employment), but the BK name-brand is out there a little more and their school is well respected.
I didn't go to either school but of the jobs I had in law school and the places my friends worked we all noticed the large amount of BK students that were also working there (as students not necessarily full time employees, except in the case of legal jobs actually in Brooklyn).
-I'd say go to BK

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Re: Brooklyn$$ vs. Hofstra$$$

Postby jm077428 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:53 pm

Yes, that is what the stips are and I totally understand about the not placing in the top 40%. I am going in with the confidence that I am going to do really well but I understand that thats how most poeple feel. Thank you for your response

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Re: Brooklyn$$ vs. Hofstra$$$

Postby dingbat » Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:47 pm

Brooklyn is worth the $25k or so it'll cost you compared to Hofstra
Better reputation + better employment prospects + better stips = win

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Re: Brooklyn$$ vs. Hofstra$$$

Postby abc12345675 » Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:49 pm

Definitely Brooklyn...............If you really want no debt, see if you can get the stip removed by Hofstra. But that BLS deal is good. If you can't finish top 80% there's no point in graduating anyway, you won't have a job.

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