Tulane vs. Illinois

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Tulane vs. Illinois

Postby dox » Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:44 pm

Hi guys, i'm stuck between Tulane and Illinois for this coming fall.

I was happy when I learned that Illinois accepted me off the waitlist, but then i realized they had fallen in the rankings from 23rd to 35th!! Wow... So apparently they were lying about their admission figures the whole time? Is Illinois in free fall, or is it still considered a top 10 public school?

Anyway, I am torn between these two schools. I want to end up practicing in most likely New York (yes I understand neither of these schools is located there) and working for a big law firm if i can. I am interested in business related law, and perhaps international as well.

Neither schools gave me money, but money isn't too much of a concern.

Which do you all think puts me in the best position to realize my goals? Forget location, weather, and money as factors for now.

P.S. I went to Vanderbilt undergrad, did very well, but didn't do so hot on the LSAT (159, freaking time killed me)

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Re: Tulane vs. Illinois

Postby rickgrimes69 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 5:07 pm

Neither school is worth sticker - when you say money isn't a concern, is that because you'll be paying for it without loans? Because if not, money should very much be a concern, given the type of job you're likely to land coming out of either school.

You say you did "very well" in UG - what precisely does that mean? (Regardless of your answer, I'm almost certainly going to tell you to retake, as a 159 is pretty low and you shouldn't waste a good GPA).

Edit: Of course I post in the dupe thread. :roll:

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