Columbia Law Dean Writes an Essay about the Job Market

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Re: Columbia Law Dean Writes an Essay about the Job Market

Postby chris0805 » Mon May 07, 2012 12:24 pm

LSAT Blog wrote:Good points all. Then I suppose we *really* need to know:

the number of students in school-funded positions in which leaving prior to the 9-month mark would be considered acceptable

I mean, I think that it's not a good sign either way. Many people would leave for a paying job regardless and not worry about an organization feeling duped. And *I THINK* many people discuss this with their placement beforehand and that most organizations are somewhat understanding. I'm just saying that it can be complicated. And sometimes organizations are pursuing money and a candidate thinks, maybe this will work out after my fellowship ends... and sometimes (though surely not always) it does. And even if it doesn't, a candidate might see a completed fellowship as their best chance for a position at that organization... or even just a similar organization.

I will say this: a SJP fellow who is unemployed when the funding runs out is in a better position (both financially and professionally) than someone who (a) was just unemployed for 6-12 months or (b) received a fellowship to do research with a professor or grunt work at the university. None of this is to sugarcoat the situation though. It's a tough public interest market out there no matter where you went to school, and probably tougher for those who are in it involuntarily (i.e. no offers from firms) and haven't been building a PI resume since they started law school.

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