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Re: Law School Transparency's Class of 2010 Data Clearinghouse

Postby jenesaislaw » Tue May 15, 2012 10:35 am

princeR wrote:
minnbills wrote:It would probably help if you gave them an idea of what "good" means to you.

Good point. I am not too concerned with biglaw, so I guess in general what they think the employment data about NDLS says? I'm actually not really sure how else to word it. I mean, on LST it shows 84% employment rating, is that "good"?

An employment score of 84% is good these days. This numbers basically means that they're off to a career as a lawyer. However, keep in mind that we do not subtract "school-funded jobs" from the 84%. This means their real score is actually less than 84%. We couldn't subtract this number because we weren't confident in how it overlapped with the bar-required category. If you find that those in Notre Dame's school-funded jobs are all doing legal work (very likely), and that none of them were at law firms (even more likely), you can subtract them (15.4%) out of the employment score.

That paints a much less favorable picture, but still isn't the whole story. Will you be debt-financing? How much of the 222k cost of attendance will be covered by your own money, scholarships, or wise loan decisions? The maximum debt exposure at ND is a lot. That cannot be overstated. And if you don't get (or do) biglaw, how are you going to pay it back? Are you willing to take a bet on IBR still remaining intact for law graduates?

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