GULC (40k/yr.); NW (50k/yr.); HLS (0)

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GULC (40k/yr.); NW (50k/yr.); HLS (0)

GULC (40k/yr.)
NW (50k/yr.) with 1 year deferred
HLS (0)
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Re: GULC (40k/yr.); NW (50k/yr.); HLS (0)

Postby concurrent fork » Tue Apr 24, 2012 2:34 pm

Doorkeeper wrote:
concurrent fork wrote:
Doorkeeper wrote:
concurrent fork wrote:Great options to have -- I don't think there's a wrong choice as between HLS and NW. That said, I'm confused by the "HLS definitely isn't worth 120K more" responses. Doesn't everyone who has #s for HLS also get significant $$ to lower T14s? Since HLS doesn't give merit aid, that would mean no one should go to HLS unless their familial income is low enough for need grants.

...or if their family is paying for a significant amount of law school, which I'm sure is the case for many HLS students.

Why is it more likely that someone's family is paying for HLS as opposed to any other top school?

For the same reason that more students at Ivy UGs aren't on financial aid than at your local state school, their parents can take the financial hit, so they're encouraged to attend.

Except we aren't talking about "your local state school" -- we're comparing HLS to lower T14s. I don't buy the premise that the average HLS parent is significantly more wealthy than the average Cornell or GULC parent.

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