ND (sticker) vs. W&M (8k) vs. Temple (In-state + 12.5k)

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Re: ND (sticker) vs. W&M (8k) vs. Temple (In-state + 12.5k)

Postby mrslaw2014 » Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:30 pm

ljm9020 wrote:Perhaps this is naive, but I am very confident in my abilities as a student in general and a law student in particular. I seem to come out in the top 10% of my class wherever I go, whether a very selective high school or a competitive UG program. I work hard, I'm smart, and I write and speak well. I also tend to do better the more challenging my competition/the environment I am surrounded with.

If I don't finish in the top 20% of any of the schools listed I would be surprised and disappointed.

I can't believe I forgot to respond to this. I'm not even sure what to say but laugh. I'd kill your ego now, or next January is going to be really, really heartbreaking. Unfortunately, in law school, you aren't graded on your intelligence or writing ability. Your grades are completely arbitrary and based on subjective standards that only your professor knows. You might want to figure out now that everyone else in law schools is just as awesome as you- as smart, as hardworking, etc. You don't have a leg up on anyone, anywhere. Going to a lower ranked school doesn't put you in the top of the class. Remember that you get into law schools based on the LSAT, which has not even a tiny correlation to how well you will do in law school.

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