Cleveland-Marshall vs. Case Western Reserve

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Cleveland-Marshall ($5k a year) vs. Case Western ($30k a year)

Cleveland-Marshall ($5k a year tuition)
Case Western Reserve ($30k a year tuition)
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Re: Cleveland-Marshall vs. Case Western Reserve

Postby OhioRider22 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:29 pm

Anyone else?

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Re: Cleveland-Marshall vs. Case Western Reserve

Postby Ersatz Haderach » Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:41 pm

Just be sure you aren't going to change your mind about what you want to do, and where, career-wise. Your choices are deliberately limited if you go to Marshall. If Cleveland is it, no question, and you're connected there, and happy to (probably) do a non-corporate, non-Biglaw job...CSU it is. And the other side of the argument is, other than geographical diversity and higher salary numbers, Case isn't all that much better if you limit it to Cleveland. For my part, I came to Case planning to stay in Cleveland...and I'm not staying in Cleveland, and it was good to have that option. But I didn't pay as much, either.

I wish we had (maybe we can compile one) a detailed breakdown of where new Cleveland lawyers come from in terms of schools. When the job market crunches, schools fall back. CSU has nowhere to fall back, and I wonder how many Case grads who would have gone out of state instead stay in Cleveland. Obviously, we both have to deal with people who have Cleveland connections coming from higher-ranked schools - and there are many.

Other than that, Case would be better for health law stuff because of the connections it has in terms of UH, the clinic, and the profs, but you mentioned that as one of many possibilities. So if you're hell-bent on Cleveland + health or BigLaw, you might consider Case. But it's a lot of debt, and I'd say you'd need to be even more sure about your goals in that event.

Either way, I'm pretty optimistic long-term on Cleveland, so I hope you do well. :)

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