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Re: Baylor or Texas Tech

Postby Grond » Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:31 pm

b.gump81 wrote:
Grond wrote:From a conversation I had with someone involved in the recruiting process at a larger Dallas-based firm:

Top 10 school with ties (not that concerned with grades) > UT top 25% >> SMU/UH/BU top 10% >> Tech top 10% and LR >>>>STCL top of class and EB. Maaaaaaaaybe a top of class and EB from Saint Mary's. TWU and TSU = no.

I've never met a non-Tech grad that thought that Tech was as good as BU. (To be fair, I know way more BU grads.) Still, I wouldn't advise anyopne to go to BU without a fat scholly.

Edit: Doesn't Lubbock suck just as much as Waco?

Id largely agree with this, except that I think more Baylor students will also have to have LR than SMU and UH and that makes it more comparable to Tech than those schools. I'd also say most people you talk to dont think Tech is as good as Baylor because they didn't look at the data that closely. People rely on what they have heard, what they see in USNWR, and what they are told on TLS.

Most of the people I talk to are practicing attorneys, for some reason. (Ever been to the Belo? Lawyers everywhere.) Which also means they're not that tuned into what ITE has done.

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