BU (25k) vs. BC (28k) vs. WashU (43k)

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BU (25k) vs. BC (28k) vs. WashU (43k)

Postby wesangler » Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:37 pm

Hi guys, was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions as I make my decision. BU and BC I've had the chance to visit, and while the schools are very different in terms of their campus cultures, I feel that my prospects post-graduation are largely similar between the two. WashU just bumped up my scholarship up to what almost amounts to a full-ride so now they are back in the fold. Can I make it back east post-grad after 3 years in St. Louis? I do eventually plan on working on the east coast. For what it's worth I am wait-listed at a couple places that if I were to get in, I'd certainly go. So in summation, any suggestions as to between BU and BC and secondly, any idea as to the national prospects of WashU? Thanks!

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Re: BU (25k) vs. BC (28k) vs. WashU (43k)

Postby Doorkeeper » Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:47 pm

Well you have no scholarships at all three, but I'm not convinced about WUSTL's ability to go east. Perhaps someone with my knowledge could weigh in on that, but I'd probably go BC here if you want mid/biglaw. If it's more PI-focused, then unless BU or BC has an LRAP, WUSTL looks more attractive.

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Re: BU (25k) vs. BC (28k) vs. WashU (43k)

Postby Robespierre » Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:32 pm

Depends what you mean by "east coast."

Boston? BU or BC obviously (take your pick based on cost and vibe).

NYC? BU or BC. You could at least make an argument for WashU based on the extra $$ balancing out the placement disadvantage, but probably not valid.

NJ/Phila? Same as NYC.

DC? WashU; no dramatic placement difference, so go for the money.

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