FSU vs DePaul ($$)

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Re: FSU vs DePaul ($$)

Postby seancris » Thu Mar 22, 2012 1:10 pm

curiousnole wrote:yeah, but we sucked for years upon years. No one sells out when they suck for a long period of time. Even texas, with the most loyal fan base there is, didn't sell out all of last year because they've sucked for a while now. Ticket sales ebb and flow with the strength of the team. That's college football. Would The Swamp have been 40% full with 10 minutes on the clock at the FSU game last year (when it was clear they were gonna lose) if the gators had been a top 10 team? Of course not, because teams just don't have as much support when they suck. Looking at it objectively, the Seminoles are going to be good the next few years (maybe not great, but certainly relevant nationally) so they will have full stadiums, a great atmosphere, etc. Thus, the aforementioned experience with "nothing like it" will be happening at FSU and very few other schools (especially law schools) will be able to offer that so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Gawd, you are acting too reasonable for me to continue to troll for long.

I will therefore conclude by saying that FSU sucks. UF is higher ranked, has better placement, has a better football atmosphere, and I still wouldn't go there for lawl school without an awesome scholarship and in-state tuition.

Also, OP is almost definitely a troll. He is debating the merits of paying 150k at a T2 school while considering factors such as T2 ranking differences, specialty rankings, comparing T2s with NYU, thinks that going to FSU will help him transfer up, and doesn't seem to fully understand his own scholly stips.

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