Ruby at UChicago v. Harvard v. Columbia

(Rankings, Profiles, Tuition, Student Life, . . . )

Which should I choose?

Harvard ($21,000 per year grant)
UChicago (Rubenstein Scholarship)
Columbia (Butler)
NYU ($87,500 total)
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Re: Ruby at UChicago v. Harvard v. Columbia

Postby drylo » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:02 am

jd5 wrote:
soj wrote:If your financial situation changes, your scholarship at HLS could also change. Your scholarship might be reduced, for instance, if you work in biglaw over your summers.

Someone brought up using the Rubenstein for a prestige bump in the job search. I talked to some Hamilton fellows, and they said listing the Hamilton on the resume was marginally helpful at best, and many interviewers (especially older ones) didn't even know what it was. The faculty mentoring and other non-financial benefits are apparently pretty lame, too. The prestige associated with the Rubenstein, which is new and could be discontinued after next year, is a non-factor. The only reason to take a named scholarship is the money.

I don't think this is quite fair. As someone else has noted, if you put "Full-Tuition Merit Scholarship" in parentheses after Hamilton/Rubenstein, your interviewer doesn't need to have heard of it to know that it's prestigious and likely means you were offered admission at at least one of HYS.

(Full disclosure: I'm considering taking the Hamilton over HLS, so maybe I'm biased.)

No, you're right. It is incorrect to say "the only reason to take a named scholarship is the money." But the money is the biggest reason.

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