Case Western v Houston

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Re: Case Western v Houston

Postby Ersatz Haderach » Thu Mar 15, 2012 3:07 pm

Case2L wrote:Guys, cut OP a break. Many of you have been on this forum for a while, and you're tired of answering this type of question over and over again. If that's the case, just don't answer rather than give a smart ass answer. OP is new to this and likely doesn't know any better.

OP, it's a big investment, so you have to go where you feel the best "fit." Both schools are very regional, but Case does have the advantage of less competition. Houston is a much bigger city, but it's also a very desirable market so you will have competition from the T14 plus U of T, and some other highly ranked southern schools. However, if you love big cities and warm weather, then you may be happier at Houston. Neither degree is particularly portable, so you have to be okay with living in either Northeast Ohio or Southeast Texas for at least the next several years.

Also, I don't know if this applies to you, but if you've narrowed your choice to Case and Houston because of their Health law concentrations, toss out that factor and consider other, less expensive options if they exist. Specialty rankings are pretty much meaningless.

Quoted for actual relevance. Second the advice on health law concentrations. Do hospitals/health systems even hire fresh grads? Companies do, sometimes, but how many?

Case does have competition in Northeast Ohio, but not much. If you want to work here, employers will favor a Case kid over Akron or CSU, but the portability is certainly limited. In Ohio generally, you need to deal with OSU and Cinci, but Cinci is really small. OSU is the big fish in OH. Other higher-ranked schools will also swoop in for the Biglaw jobs, so don't assume those are automatically protected for local schools. But if you want to work in this region, and you aren't stupid, a Case degree will get you employed. Health law, I don't know - email them and demand some names of graduates or something.

If you really have ZERO debt at both schools, well done however you've accomplished that (I got a scholarship and I have debt because I have to eat/sleep/fix my car) and I'd say Case is probably marginally better for the reasons Case2L mentioned, but obviously the rankings gap is opening wider. But I think it's relevant whether you're doing Case/Houston because they're giving you full rides (because then, you might have other interesting options) or because you just want the best choice and these are it and the cost be damned. If it's a full ride, great job, but consider what you're giving up at other schools, if these are the best options, well, I'd go whereever you want to work.

bk1 wrote:
ckelly85 wrote:it is probably more helpful to assume that they aren't doing so from a point of ignorance.

This is out of touch with reality. Most people are ignorant and/or suffering from severe optimism bias.

True. Even though I tried to destroy my own bias through reading TLS, I was somewhat myopic because Case threw money at me, I'm from Cleveland, and I thought, ahhh, I'll make it work somehow. But there is a huge difference between, say, Georgetown and CWRU, and that difference is getting in the door. It is far harder for a Case kid to even get the interview, even merit a reply to an email, unless you create the opportunity yourself and are persistent and actually deserving of consideration. That doesn't sound like a lot. But it is. The best networkers/achievers here end up with Regional Law Firm A, while the below median guy from Cornell scores a biglaw interview and basically gets the benefit of the doubt. But, people here do get Biglaw interviews, even some that are pretty surprising - but I imagine they are playing with a handicap, even once they've gotten that far (I know I felt that way). And insofar as the LOL BURN UR MONEYS troll posts are trying to ridicule the idea that 'everything will be fine, I'm an all-star', that deserves consideration, but unless you're going into debt, it's not a reason to adopt a 'retake or drop out ' /self mindset.

I like Cleveland, I like Ohio, and Case does fine here, and some other places as well. Have realistic expectations going in.

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