Vandy vs. UVA

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Re: Vandy vs. UVA

Postby chiwachiwa » Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:31 am

If you want to work in Atlanta, this is not a hard choice. UVA. The extra $20k is WELL worth it.

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Re: Vandy vs. UVA

Postby danielhay11 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:00 pm

mr_unemployed wrote:Since a number of TLSers are weighing Vandy and UVA, I thought we could open this thread up to other "Vandy v. UVA" situations (x-post from In at VULS thread).

In-state tuition but $0 merit money from UVA (though I will negotiate as soon as I know my $$ situations at other schools). On the other hand, Vandy has offered me $75k.

Two questions:
(1) What is the likelihood that UVA will be willing to negotiate?
(2) Assuming I don't get money from UVA, is it worth paying sticker? All things equal, I'd choose UVA hands down. Not particularly interested in Big Law career-wise; planning to go a non-profit / academic route.

Also, interested in dual degree-ing at UVA; if anyone is considering same, let's talk.

I agree this question is more helpful/interesting if broadened. In addition to Mr. Unemployed's questions, I'd add:
(3) How much more would you be willing to pay for UVA over Vandy? (Subjective, I know.)
(4) How much greater is the regional limitation of going to Vandy vs. UVA?

If it's relevant, my situation: I currently have a half scholarship offer at UVA and am waiting to hear back from Vandy (interviewing for an LSMA next week). Also, while I am open to practicing in the South, I'd prefer to end up on the east coast. And I love Nashville and C'Ville equally, and it looks like my cost of living would be similar in either situation.

@ Question 1 above: Check the negotiating thread(s), but I think I remember hearing once that UVA is the most likely of its peer schools to negotiate.

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