Calling all law students with Texas ties...

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Calling all law students with Texas ties...

Postby sn20 » Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:03 pm

First, I want to say that I have searched previous posts very thoroughly but would like some unique advice from law students with ties to Texas, who may have left intending to come back.

-I have *strong ties* to 1 major Texas city (think Dallas/Houston) because my family lives there, I went to HS there and I went to college there. *This Texas city is my 1st choice market*, with NYC being 2nd (gathered that there are obviously more jobs in NYC).

-I am only interested in Biglaw (and maybe a clerkship if I choose litigation over transactional work) and would therefore like to *maximize my chances of landing Biglaw*.

-If I am accepted into Harvard (held) or Stanford, I believe in my situation, that I am right in going. It gets murky the rest of the way because I have been waitlisted at Columbia (unlikely to get off) and Chicago (not sure), and I am in at NYU, MVPB, DCG, UT and UCLA.

-Although I hope UT will up my scholarship ($28,500), right now I am faced with $115k COA over 3 years at Texas vs. $200k at most other schools so the difference will be around $100k (if I were to get 0 money from the higher schools).

-I am willing to pay the premium for a better shot at Biglaw. The fact that UT students below top 30% have struggled worries me.

This longgggg shhhhpeal leads to 2 major questions:
1) *Where do you think I should go?*
2) *At your school, how far down into the class did firms reach for students with Texas ties?*

Thanks ahead of time!

EDIT: I realize a lot of what I'm seeking may be anecdotal but I still think it will be a useful exercise.

EDIT 2: K-JD, not IP, non-URM

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