W & M (no money oos) v MSU (Full-Tuition + Living Costs)

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W & M (no money)
MSU (tuition and living covered)
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Re: W & M (no money oos) v MSU (Full-Tuition + Living Costs)

Postby timbs4339 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:23 am

Rdubs wrote:Alright... I went to W & M for the asw and loved every second of if. I contacted them afterwards, and was awarded a scholarship of 10k per year... thoughts??

This is an awful reason to choose a school. These ASWs are huge marketing pitches that schools spend very liberally on- it is understandable they will make you feel warm and fuzzy. Even with 10K difference it is still not worth it.

Rdubs wrote:I understand where you are coming from, but the reported employment statistics suggest that there is (at least in private practice) a $30,000/ year difference in median incomes. Also, it looks like there is a 32% difference in number of graduates with full-time jobs requiring bar passage. How significant are these differences?

http://law.wm.edu/careerservices/docume ... %20web.pdf


The W+M stats show that about 35 grads got jobs with firms of 100+ grads or more, out of 214 total grads. That's about 16%. Now there are a ton of problems with this simple calculation, but what it shows is that you need to be top of the class to get a job that will let you pay back your loans. If you are assuming you will graduate at median, as you should do when making such a large, risky investment, and you will have 200K in debt, you can see how W+M is not worth it at full or close to full price.

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