Opinions about Widener

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Re: Opinions about Widener

Postby MrAnon » Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:43 pm

LiberalLaw wrote:
MrAnon wrote:
LiberalLaw wrote:
2LT_CPG wrote:Other big thing about Widener you should know is that 1/3 of the 1L class is dropped before making it to 2L. That's why they admit so many kids with low LSATs and GPAs; so they can take them for a ride and get an easy $30,000.

I actually looked in to that and that is not accurate. I believe LSAC combines both campuses in calculating the attrition rates. The actual rate is lower.

The way it works here is as follows:

If you have below a 2.0 after the first year, then you fail out.

Each substantive course requires that 10% receive a D+ or below.

That taken, and an incoming class of 250 or so, means less than 25.

You have to understand that for many of those who "fail out" no amount of work can keep them in school. Schools at this level have an unofficial policy to make sure a certain amount of the class do not return thanks to the forced curve.

The primary concern of students here is the curve, i.e., a 2.7 here is the same as a 3.3 at another school, when accounting for the curve. Why this is so, no one knows.

I can explain it to you since you are all stumped. Its so the school can show that fair number of people are below 2.0 and therefore will be flunked out.


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Re: Opinions about Widener

Postby MrAnon » Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:45 pm

2LT_CPG wrote:
MrPapagiorgio wrote:I've also heard about Widener dropping the bottom third. Business-wise, I don't get why they would want to do this. If these students are willing to stay, regardless of their shitty grades, why would the administration force money out the door?

So they avoid completely sabotaging their own employment rates by graduating unemployable idiots, which invites an even lower ranking and further erosion of their reputation.

This. And these people stand a low chance of passing the bar.

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Re: Opinions about Widener

Postby 2LT_CPG » Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:48 pm

MrPapagiorgio wrote:There just may always be thousands of students willing to attend these schools at sticker or close to it.

Yep. Which I'd say is fine if you want to do something like a solo practice or PI, or if it's in a good legal market with less competition and you're willing to take the debt. Unfortunately for Widener, it's on the I-95 corridor, they're private, and they rarely give money. That's why for someone like the OP (who seems a little crazy, I'll grant him that) it's probably an awful choice, because his comments smack of settling for what he can get.

I guarantee you most Widener students don't research law school before they put down their deposits there. And I bet few of them read TLS or LSN.

We should get back to the issue of the OP's insane rambling about LSAC and learning disabilities. I think that's the funner conversation.


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Re: Opinions about Widener

Postby crazyblink653 » Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:16 pm

MrPapagiorgio wrote:
LiberalLaw wrote:I will say this though. Widener is well respected in the Wilmington area. Some of the alumni i spoke to said that the corporate law practices prefer Widener graduates.


to put this assertion in perspective, the four biggest DE firms (not counting Skadden)--MNAT, RLF, YCST, and Potter Anderson--have just 37 Widener Law grads between them, and many of them are older partners. This hardly evidences a monopoly over the Wilmington market nor even a "preference" for Widener graduates.


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Re: Opinions about Widener

Postby AriGoldButNicer » Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:22 pm

Philosopher King wrote:
fundamentallybroken wrote:
Philosopher King wrote:
Well the unjust status quo sure as hell isn't winning anything either. LSAC is breaking the law and I'm going to try to hold them accountable for it.

I think you should go start an Occupy LSAC camp. That'll show 'em!

Yeah well I actually respected the Occupy cretin more than I do the LSAC people. Unfortunately LSAC gets away with what they do because it's such a small percentage of the population that is victimized. We're not the "99%" exactly, if you know what I mean. Within that small group of victims, almost everyone either agrees with LSAC (some on here want to shower them with presents for the -14 curve for example) or has been conditioned to accept unjust circumstances because they beleive change cannot be affected. But I have the better arguments and that's what's important to me. LSAC couldn't win an argument with me in court.

I can't speak for Widener other than saying it's a tier 4, and everyone I know whose graduated from a tier 4 in the past 5 years, only around 20 people total or so are either unemployed or in a different field now. They all say they didn't like law, which may have been induced by the job market telling them they won't be working in it.

Regardless of whether Widener is an exception (I don't know anyone from there), the OP of this thread is very immature, and not cut out for law school. Look at the garbage rant he's going on.

According to OP, a test that clearly examines your critical reading ability and ability to recognize holes in arguments serves no purpose, absolutely none in predicting anything and that the only people who retake it are losers, because they let LSAC win. LOL! So instead OP is going to pay 200k for bad job prospects, because he's not a loser. OP strikes me as the sort of person who thinks they'll be a great lawyer because they yell the loudest, and they call yelling logic.

OP, LSAC can't beat you in court? Applying all the laws you stated, then shouldn't your complaint be with the law school? The law schools would be the ones choosing to discriminate against you. All LSAC is doing is making them aware you have a disability so they can handle it appropriately. Maybe there's better ways, but how are they discriminating against you? I think the 155 is the better case, because here they're clearly discriminating against you by discriminating against the fact you got 40 questions or so wrong.

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Re: Opinions about Widener

Postby Julio_El_Chavo » Thu Apr 19, 2012 3:46 pm

Fairly well-executed flame. I give it a 164.

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