Thoughts on Alabama/UGA and other southern schools?

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Re: Thoughts on Alabama/UGA and other southern schools?

Postby iosborn12 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:48 pm

creader wrote:As a student, I can honestly say there is little to no section stacking. There are three sections for 1Ls, and they all have similar numbers of scholarship recipients. Scholarship recipients are not the basis for how they organize sections. The admissions office assigns everyone an academic predictor number based off of your GPA/LSAT and then puts everyone in sections based off of an equal curve.

While scholarship recipients are typically higher in the GPA/LSAT range, there are some students, especially those from in state, who have similar statistics to those out of state but do not get scholly's.

TL/DR: section stacking is a myth.

Thanks for the info! I guess the question to ask at the open house is what percentage of 1L's are on scholarship.

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